A 4-H member with his bird during the Hemlock Fair.

A 4-Her with his animal at the Hemlock Fair.

Hemlock Fair Rabbit Show judging

Judging at the Hemlock Fair.

Two 4-H Members at the Hemlock Fair.
Image by Bob Oswald

Poultry are popular at the Hemlock Fair!

Animal Activity Night participant with her guinea pig

Animal Activity Nights are held at the Chip Holt Nature Center.

4-Her being judged during Hemlock Fair Rabbit Show
Image by Bob Oswald

Members learn how to properly show their animal during fair.

4-H Dog & Small Animal

Youth interested in dogs, cats, rabbits, cavies, poultry, birds, and other small companion animals can participate in 4-H Small Animal projects and learn about animal health, anatomy, nutrition, showing, pet care, and more.

Please Note: All poultry (except waterfowl) being exhibited at a fair must test negative for Pullorum within 90 days of the fair or originate from a US Pullorum Typhoid clean flock or a flock which has had a negative official test in the previous two years. Documentation must be presented to the volunteer veterinarian. Waterfowl do not require any testing/certification. Contact the CCE Office if your bird needs to be tested.

Small Animal Showmanship PPT Presentations:

Due to website limitations, we can only post the .pdf version of the presentation. If you would like to receive the .ppt file by email, please contact Mark Wittmeyer.

Adapted from: http://animalscience.psu.edu/4-h


Mark Wittmeyer
Youth Development Team Leader

Last updated May 13, 2022