4-H Activity Night - Geneseo

Join us on May 10th (5:30-7pm) at the Goodwill Community Center. Learn what can be planted now and entered as an exhibit at the Hemlock Fair! RSVP by May 4th. Must be enrolled in 4-H to participate.

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Let's Get Outdoors Day!

Join us on May 19th at Camp Bristol Hills! Workshops will get kids excited to be outdoors and engaged in learning! $5 registration fee. Must be enrolled in 4-H. For more information, contact Renee at the CCE office.

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Car Seat Check

Join us on May 26th at KidStart/Headstart for our Car Seat Check event. Receive information and hands-on assistance in the proper use of child safety restraint systems and seat belts. Limited number of seats available.

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Cooperative Extension puts a wealth of useful, research-based information at your finger tips!

In addition to what you'll find here on our website, we offer free or low-cost workshops on topics that range from how to start an organic garden to making a home spending plan. Explore our links, check out our upcoming events, then give us a call or visit our offices to learn more. We're here to help, with information -- and people -- you can trust!

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Bucket Brigade & Picnic

Join us on May 12th at the CCE Office! Learn how to prepare your own container garden. The event will conclude with a hot dog picnic. Must be enrolled in 4-H to participate. RSVP by May 9th.

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Fair Ticket Fundraiser

Purchase special pre-sale, one-day admission tickets to benefit 4-H. The fundraiser is held from April 30-June 1. Tickets are $14 for adults and $12 for children. Tickets include unlimited daily entrance to fairgrounds, grandstand, and rides.

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Animal Activity Night

Join us on May 17th at the Chip Holt Nature Center. Learn the importance of marketing your auction animal, strategies for talking to potential buyers, and more! Must be enrolled in 4-H. RSVP by May 15th!

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Veterinary Science Program

Join us on May 1st (5:30pm - Cloverbuds; 6:30pm - 4-H Members) at the Chip Holt Nature Center! Fetal pig dissection. Cost: $5. RSVP required by April 13th. Must be enrolled in 4-H.

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4-H Teen Council

4-H members looking to join Teen Council are invited to attend the next meeting! Stop by the CCE-Livingston office on April 23rd at 7pm. Teen Council is open to any 4-H teen (13+ years old).

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Dansville Activity Night

Join us on May 8th (5:30-7pm) at Sam's Place, Dansville. Learn what you can plant now and enter in the Hemlock Fair. Practice setting up mock exhibits. RSVP by May 4th. Must be enrolled in 4-H to participate.

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Last updated April 23, 2018