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Livingston County Agricultural News

Monthly broad interest agricultural publication that includes policy, tax, labor, environmental issues, and regulations. The newsletter also includes local news, calendar, and more. Cost is included in our Local Ag Enrollment. Cost - $20. Download the 2020 Enrollment Form.

NWNY Ag Focus
Monthly news and information for dairy, livestock, and field crop farmers and agribusiness. Produced by the NWNY Dairy/Livestock Team. Cost is included in our Agricultural Enrollment - County and NWNY Team. Cost - $30. Download the 2020 Enrollment Form.

Gardening Gazette
Monthly information (newsletter) of broad interest about homes and grounds, plants, the environment, structure, pest management, water quality, safety, energy, and much more. Cost - $10 per year. Download the Subscription Form.



Courtney Weimar
Communications Coordinator

Last updated July 26, 2020