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Products & Services

Below is a list of resources, services, and products that are offered through the Agriculture Program at CCE-Livingston. Feel free to call in advance about the availability of items we keep in stock. Prices are for the print version (or online, if available) of the book. Print/online bundles are available at a higher price.

Those not enrolled in the Agriculture Program will be charged the cost of shipping if the item(s) are to be mailed to your home or farm.

Cornell Cooperative Extension 
Farm Account Book (Classic Green)
$21.00 $26.00
Cornell Cooperative Extension
 Farm Employee Wage Record Book
$28.00 $32.00
PMEP - Pesticides Core Manual $43.00 $48.00
PMEP - Pesticides Sub-Category Manual (Private) Variable Variable + $5
CCE-Livingston pH Test FREE FREE
Compost Testing

LivCo Farm & Home News Subscription $20/Year $20/Year
Dairy-One Soil Testing
(Commercial & Home Garden)
$25 $30
CCE-Livingston: Weed, Plant, Insect ID FREE FREE
Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crop Management $35.00 $40.00
Cornell Integrated Crop and Pest Management Guidelines for Commercial Vegetable Production $44.00 $49.00
Cornell Pesticide Guidelines for Managing Pests Around the Home $33.00 $38.00


Ken Estes Jr.
Agriculture Program Leader

Last updated June 3, 2024