Youth getting bike helmet properly fitted during Safety Fair

We can offer safety presentations to several age groups.

Katelyn fitting a helmet.

If you are interested in one of our presentations, please contact Jaime ASAP.

Traffic Safety Educator teaching students

Visiting an area school district...

Presentations & Workshops

Research shows that "best practice" traffic safety education in schools requires continuous, age appropriate, and sequential education be delivered in every grade level during every school year. Parents/caregivers and teachers work together to provide classroom and real environment experiences, and the lessons are reinforced through hands-on activities that encourage students to learn and retain the safety skills with their families.

Our School/Community presentations are offered free-of-charge and last between 30-45 minutes. Programs are age and grade appropriate, material is presented in a classroom environment utilizing visuals and a short video, and a question-and-answer period reinforces the material. 

“Kids on the Move” (ages 5-8 years)

Students learn:

  • Importance of keeping belts across strong bones, riding in the back seat, and playing quietly.
  • Importance of wearing a helmet correctly, checking your “wheels” with the ABC’s, riding in safe places, and the “rules of the road”.
  • Importance of walking safely, observing traffic signs and signals, walking and crossing streets safely, and to make safe choices around a school bus.

“Tweens on the Move” (ages 9-12 years)

Students learn:

  • Importance of buckling up in the back seat 
  • How to encourage peers and family members to buckle up as well.
  • Basic crash dynamics and the safest place to ride in a vehicle.
  • Importance of using the most appropriate traffic safety gear at all times.

“Teens on the Move” (Teens)

Students learn:

  • How energy forces work in a crash.
  • Types of collisions in injury producing events.
  • Importance of buckling up each and every time / concept of “Helmets & Seatbelts for Life!”
  • Importance of keeping distractions out of driving, walking, and wheeling. (“Stop, Look, and Listen for Life”)

For Parents & Agencies (Transporting Children)

Participants learn the importance of correctly used safety devices each and every time and how a child’s development relates to traffic safety. 


Barbara Sturm
Traffic Safety Program Educator

Last updated January 25, 2021