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"Active Parenting: Baby Care Workshop" covers basic skills for newborn care.

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"Active Parenting of Teens" is a workshop for parents of adolescents.

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"Parents Apart®" is a 6-hour class for separating/divorcing parents and guardians.

Family Life Workshops

Raising children is a rewarding but often challenging endeavor, especially in today's society. Because being a parent or guardian requires significant amounts of time, energy, and emotional strength, it is not uncommon for parents to feel stress related to this important role. Our workshops help participants gain parenting skills in the areas of understanding children, how to help children learn and thrive, effective discipline and personal stress management. As parents learn how to better understand, guide, nurture, and motivate their children, they become more effective. Parents of children of any age can benefit from these programs. Workshops are offered at various times during the year. Registration is required and fees are listed below, if applicable. Visit our Events Calendar to find the dates of upcoming workshops or contact our office to be added to our mailing list.

NOTE: All Family Life Workshops include an optional nutrition consultation and 1:1 instruction with our licensed dietitian.

Active Parenting: Baby Care Workshop: A four session workshop demonstrating basic skills necessary for newborn care. Some of the topics to be covered include: Calming Your Baby, When Baby is Sick, Safe and Sound, Feeding, Sibling Preparation, and more. The total cost is $50.

Active Parenting: First Five Years: A four session program focusing on how to bond with your child, childproof your home, and encourage positive behavior. Age appropriate parenting skills will be introduced. Program includes a text which the participant keeps. The total cost $50.

Active Parenting 5-12 (Child Development 5-12): This program consists of six sessions. Dr. Michael Popkin, author and one of the nation’s foremost experts on parent education, shows how to develop courage, responsibility, and character in our children. He also explains positive discipline and communication techniques that help families run more smoothly. Includes a text (and workbook) which the participant keeps. The total cost is $75.

Active Parenting of Teens: This program consists of five sessions which reviews "Active Parenting Now: 5-12" and then adds age appropriate parenting skills. This program looks at the typical teen and why they think and behave the way they do. It offers techniques to improve our communication skills and to further develop independence, cooperation, and responsibility in our teens. Program includes a text which the participant keeps. The total cost is $70.

Parents on Board: A three session program where parents will gain insight to help their child (at home) develop the skills necessary to achieve academic success. This is a good program for PTA groups to sponsor or for individual parents to call and request. The total cost is $45.

Parenting Skills Workshop Series: An experiential hands-on program in which participants are presented with five basic parenting skills through role-play and discussion. Participants pair up and practice the skills using their own situations. The five skills covered are: encouragement, can do, choices, self-control, and respecting feelings. The total cost is $70.

Discipline Is Not a Dirty Word (With Nutritional Supplement): What is discipline? What does it mean to be a disciplinarian? This program explores the characteristics of a disciplinarian and how to teach children (in a way they clearly understand) what is expected of them. The total cost is $70. Group rates may be available depending on size.

PASTA (Parenting a Second Time Around): A kinship program designed to help grandparents or relative(s) deal with the emotional strain resulting from the situation. It provides the caregiver with answers to what their rights are, what the rights of the children are, how to deal with questions, and how to adjust to a new family structure. The total cost is $50. Grandparents are FREE!

Parents Apart®: A six-hour program (three two-hour virtual sessions) designed to help separating/divorcing parents reduce the amount of conflict they expose their child(ren) to. Parents learn how to identify emotional problems and where to get help. Parents learn how to help their child as well as themselves through the grieving process. This is a court mandated program however anyone can attend. The total cost is $50.

Strengthening Families 10-15: A seven-week program for parents and children. A great way to spend time together while improving the parent-child relationship. Parents and youth attend separate sessions before coming together for activities that enhance their newly acquired knowledge. The program is designed to (a) help parents/caregivers learn nurturing skills that support their children, (b) teach parents how to effectively discipline and guide their youth, (c) give youth a future orientation and an increased appreciation of their parents/caregivers, and (d) teach youth skills for dealing with stress and peer pressure. There is no charge for this class.

Last updated May 23, 2023