Water garden.

Water gardens are actually easy to create!

Building a Water Garden

Gardening in water is a unique, exciting and surprisingly easy endeavor. Most backyard gardens are part of the larger ecosystem surrounding them, but the water garden is an entirely self-contained miniature ecosystem. In addition, the water garden will attract toads, frogs, bees, dragonflies and birds from the surrounding area.

The water gardener is a true ecogardener, for no other form of gardening incorporates as many ecological principles. This approach to gardening is also very educational, and young people in particular may enjoy, and learn a lot from, a water garden.

Water gardening is surprisingly easy - the hardest part is usually just digging the hole! If space is limited or digging a hole is not possible, then consider using half of a whiskey barrel. Regardless of the size of the pond, it should be located on relatively level ground away from trees as they will shed leaves which can foul the water.

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Last updated December 12, 2016