Montage of Produced In New York photos

Produced in New York contestants with their food products.

Produced in New York Food Demonstrations participant

A 4-H member participating in the 2015 PINY event.

A 2015 PINY participant measures milk for his recipe!

A 4-Her measures milk for his 2015 PINY recipe.

Produced in New York

Produced in New York (PINY) program is designed to showcase the wide variety and use of agricultural products grown right here in New York. PINY is a marvelous opportunity for youth to demonstrate their food preparation skills while promoting a tasty recipe featuring New York State food products. During PINY program, individual 4-H members (Cloverbuds too!) do a “silent demonstration” concurrently with several of their peers. This experience helps younger 4-Hers begin to feel more comfortable presenting to a crowd, while providing older youth with the opportunity to tackle more complicated recipes, perhaps using more than one NYS food product. Overall, PINY program participation provides an opportunity for youth to further develop their skills and knowledge of food preparation and presentation skills!

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Last updated January 10, 2023