Striped Cucumber Beetle

Pests & IPM

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. It is a system for managing pest problems using a range of safe, least-toxic methods. IPM is integrated because it uses biological, organic, cultural, mechanical and chemical options for managing pest problems. For more information on the basics of IPM strategies, visit Cornell University's IPM in a Nutshell page.

Diagnostic Services

Plant, insect and disease identification and diagnostic services are offered at CCE-Livingston for free. If necessary, samples can be sent to Cornell University for identification, at a charge of $25/sample. For more information about submitting a sample, visit: The Cornell University Diagnostic Laboratory.

For more detailed information on some of the most common pests in this area, visit our Invasive Pests page.

Useful Links

New York State Integrated Pest Management - Designed to help address your pest management needs, whether you are on the farm, at work or in school, at home, or in the community.

  • Fact Sheets - Addresses IPM concerns for buildings and schools, field crops, turfgrass, grapes, tree fruit, landscapes, parks, golf courses, and more.
  • Manuals, Brochures, & Articles - Covers a variety of topics including fruit, rodents, bed bugs, vegetable diseases, beekeeping, and more.

Gardener's Calendar for Pest & Nutrient Management - A guide to timely plant health care techniques through the horticultural year.

Last updated August 12, 2021