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Dairy cattle at Lew-Lin farm, Dryden NY
Image by Sandy Repp

and dairy cattle...

Horses at Willowbrook Farm; horse
Image by Heather Moreton



small ruminants...

Horseman's Trail Farm
Image by Mary Finger

swine...and more!


The land in our region is prime for grazing and making feeds for all forms of livestock. Livestock production has seen abundant growth over the past 10 years. According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, the market value of products sold by Livingston County farms totaled nearly $187 million. Livestock sales account for 57% of that value while crop sales account for 43%. CCE-Livingston will work with livestock farms including beef, sheep, goat, hog, horse, and poultry producers.


Ken Estes Jr.
Agriculture Program Leader

Last updated November 22, 2022