Hand sanitizer bottles

Hand sanitizer and face masks are available for farms!


Hand Sanitizer & Face Mask Distribution for Farms

  • Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This is for farmers, producers, and agriculture-related operations. Sanitizer is available in one gallon pump bottles and 2 oz. spray jars. We also have cloth face covers (washable). We will limit quantities to 2 gallons, 20 spray bottles, and 20 masks. 

This event also offers an opportunity to ask questions about COVID-19 safety plans. As a part of New York Forward, all businesses are required to have a customized, written safety plan that details specifically how they will prevent and manage COVID-19. CCE Livingston County can serve as a resource for farmers, producers, and agriculture-related operations working to create these safety plans. 

People can come anytime or pre-order by sending an email to livingston@cornell.edu. Pick-up will be done at the side entrance of the CCE Livingston County office. Look for the sign!




David Thorp
Senior Issue Educator


CCE-Livingston County
3 Murray Hill Drive
Mount Morris, New York 14510

Last updated August 16, 2020