Watercraft Steward Program workers in 2014.

Conesus Lake Watercraft Steward Program workers looking at 2014 data.

Watercraft Steward Program

The Conesus Lake Watercraft Steward Program:

  • Helps keep Conesus Lake free of aquatic invasive species (AIS).
  • Provides public outreach about how AIS threaten waterways.
  • Educates watercraft users on how to minimize/prevent the spread of AIS by teaching them how to look for, remove, and dispose of unwanted aquatic hitchhikers.
  • Collects and analyzes watercraft inspection data that will be used to determine the overall AIS state of Conesus Lake.

CCE-Livingston collaborates with the Conesus Lake Association, Conesus Lake Watershed Council, and the Livingston County Planning Department.

Stewards conduct inspections at the East Lake Road Boat Launch. Here, they make sure boaters are not bringing/taking any AIS to/from Conesus Lake. Boaters are also provided with information and walked through the steps of CLEAN, DRAIN, & DRY.


Mark Wittmeyer
Youth Development Team Leader

Last updated May 15, 2019